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Anode system

Drymat does not only dehumidify the walls, but also desalinates them.

Drying begins on the day of the installation of your Drymat System – depending on specific conditions and wall thickness, the electro-physical wall dehumidification lasts about 2 years. Relatively quickly, of course, the surfaces become dry first, and the core of the walls at the end of the process.

After one year, we conduct a first control measurement, on the basis of which we evaluate the progress of drying. Naturally, the measurements will be continuously logged.

A very important aspect is that Drymat does not only dehumidify, but also desalinates the structure. Thus, the walls are dried faster and more effectively than it would be in case of a sealing-only treatment, where the salt, naturally, remains in the walls, the basement, the floors, and so on. If this is the case, the hygroscopic salt over and over absorbs moisture from the air – up to three times its own volume. So, the walls inevitably become wetter and wetter. You can once and for all bring an end to this effect with Drymat – even after a flood.

Wall dehumidification with the Drymat®System.


Several anodes can be connected to a single supply cable, which greatly simplifies the installation procedures. A titanium screw goes through the cable insulation and thus easily forms a reliable fastening. The wire therefore does not have to be stripped but just placed into the anode head. Owing to a torque tool, the screw connection is established with a precision of 1.2 NM. By using a micro-mesh, the electrical conductance between the primary anode and the certified mortar is greatly improved.

By using the same materials for cables, screw contacts, anodes and cathodes, such things as stress corrosion, formation of copper sulphate and failure of the system are de facto excluded.

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