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Humidity measurement

CM Method from Radtke Austria

Drymat Wall Dehumidification – A Solution with a Long-Term Outlook


Thanks to the Drymat®System, you need neither measuring instruments nor specialist knowledge for the most convincing success control: just feel how much the atmosphere in the room has improved.


Nevertheless, we do not rely on the subjective perception, but monitor objective indicators of the dehumidification progress after the drying process.With the CM measurement method we can tell you in exact percentage terms how much moisture is left in the structure.A dry wall depending on the material has 3-6 % moisture.


In many cases existing salt needs to be removed or handled in the right way, for that matter we work together with experts to give you the right complement products.


Drymat System makes an integral part of the building and goes on working in a maintenance-free mode. Moisture and salts cannot ascend the masonry from the ground any more –bacteria, fungi and algae are prevented from forming colonies. Your house stays dry.

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