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The German solution against rising damp.

The Drymat system

There are various reasons of dampness in the walls. There is, however, one thing that is common: when using conventional wall drying processes, dehumidification is often associated with a very large investment. By drying walls with the Drymat System, you can save up to 70% of costs compared to conventional wall drying methods. 

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The perfect solution

The Drymat System is individually adjusted to the specific circumstances and requirements of each drying task, and the drying process is constantly monitored and readjusted as needed. The results achieved speak for themse

Drymat awarded: Top Innovator 2016, as well as Top 2018

Every year, the most innovative medium-sized German companies are determined under the scientific guidance of Professor Dr. Nikolaus Franke from the Institute of Entrepreneurship and Innovation of Vienna University of Economics and Business. The examination of the innovation management at DRYMAT-Systeme GmbH brought excellent results. This makes the company one of the top innovators of the medium-sized sector.

The TOP 100 has been for over 20 years in the market, and it is the only benchmarking of innovation management in Germany. It is supported, among others, by Christian Wulff, who is a top consultant of the incentive.

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Sealing layer directly beneath the house

In many cases, the major problem with humid walls is rising damp. That’s where the Drymat System gets into gear. Owing to the installation, the surfaces aren’t merely dried. Rather, the sealing layer is installed directly where it is called for.

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