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The German solution against rising damp problems

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What is rising damp?

Moisture barriers lose their effectiveness over years or may have never been adequate. There are many, in some cases considerably expensive, procedures to seal an already built house. They are difficult to use and often ineffective. In a few years, the old problem usually shows up again.

Over the years, dissolved salts carried by water penetrate the walls from the ground. These salts make the water conductive, resulting in a negative potential in the walls, which can be measured. Due to capillary forces and the salt having migrated, the water often ascends the walls to considerable heights.


What is Drymat?

Wall dehumidification by the electro-physical method that our company has made market-ready by introduction of electrodes, exclusively of precious metals, has indisputable advantages: there is no excavation of the ground walls, no interference with the statics of the building, and possible problems with the protection of historic buildings and monuments can also be avoided. With a ring of electrodes implanted into the walls and a small control unit, the moisture is combated within a short time for a long term in accordance with the electro-physical principle. Our services include not only installation of the equipment itself. The whole process is accompanied by a science-based diagnostic procedure. This way, the effectiveness of the Drymat®SYSTEMS in wall dehumidification can be measurably and provably ensured. The electro-physical method of drying damp walls by introduction of electrodes to keep the rising moisture out is universally recognized by science.

Chart analysis

months results


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We completely renovated our basement into an apartment , removed all plaster and replastered again the whole basement . But we were not able to solve the problem with the walls because they were still wet. So two months after the renovation the new plaster was already turning black again due to the humidity in the walls. Then we had the Drymat system installed and in the first months we noticed already that it became less and less mouldy, after 1,5 years the controle measurement , done by Drymat Systems Portugal confirmed what we already knew , all walls showed a decrease in humidity level between 70 and 85 %, it´s very comfortable now to live in the apartment with all that humidity gone , so we will recommend anybody with a rising damp problem to contact Drymat Systems Portugal for a humidity survey which is even for free.

Fam. Fragoso, Lisbon


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