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Fight mold with Drymat

A health promotion project in Portugal

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Mold, a silent enemy for many people, thrives in Portuguese houses it thrives in damp conditions, often caused by rising damp. caused by rising damp. When groundwater rises through walls and creates a damp place for mold growth.

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This is not only detrimental to aesthetics, but also poses considerable health health risks, including respiratory problems and allergic reactions. Serious consequences for children, the elderly and people with with pre-existing health problems can occur.

Drymat technology: a viable solution to this health risk appears to be combating rising damp. With an electrophysical mechanism, the water goes back into the ground and walls become dry again, thus eliminating the mold's basis of life.

This reduction of capillary moisture not only stops the formation of mold, but also increases the thermal resistance of the walls, but also increases the thermal resistance of the walls, leading to energy savings and a reduction in and a reduction in CO2 emissions. A dry, well-ventilated home minimizes the presence of mold spores in the air and thus promotes a healthier living environment.

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With the Drymat system, the fight against mold starts at the root - rising damp. the rising damp. This scientifically proven solution is a a long-term solution against damp and mold and makes houses in Portugal safer and more comfortable in Portugal.

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Installing the Drymat system is a proactive step towards improving your home and your health. home and also your health. Drymat is in line with the overall vision of creating healthier living spaces in Portugal.

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Active protective layer directly under your home

In many cases, the main problem with damp walls is rising damp. moisture. This is where the Drymat system comes into play. By installing the device, surfaces become dry and waterproof by creating an active protective layer which is applied directly where it is needed.

We offer our services from north to south of Portugal.

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