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Combatting Mold with Drymat: A Health-Promoting Venture in Portugal

Mould, a silent adversary in many Portuguese homes, thrives in damp conditions often caused by rising damp, where groundwater ascends through walls creating a moist haven for mould growth.

This not only damages the aesthetics but poses significant health risks including respiratory problems and allergic reactions, with severe implications for children, the elderly, and individuals with pre-existing health conditions

Drymat technology emerges as a viable solution to this health hazard by tackling rising damp. Utilising an electro-physical mechanism with electrodes implanted in walls, Drymat alters water molecules' structure, drawing moisture away and thereby, depriving mould of its essential habitat.

This dampness reduction not only halts mould growth but enhances the thermal resistance of walls, leading to energy savings and lowered CO2 emissions. A dry, well-ventilated home minimises mould spores in the air, promoting a healthier living environment.

With Drymat, the battle against mould begins at its root-rising damp. This scientifically-backed solution presents a long-term remedy to dampness and mould, making homes in Portugal safer and more comfortable. The installation of Drymat is a proactive step towards not just home, but health improvement, aligning with the broader vision of creating healthier living spaces in Portugal.

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