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Drymat Systems – Solving humidity problems in Algarve

Established 5 years ago in Lagos, Drymat Systems Portugal has already been solving humidity problems in many houses all over Portugal

Mr. Andrew Lucas states that he had a severe rising damp problem in his renovated farmhouse in Olhão. “Despite the renovation, the 60 cm thick walls started showing big spots with humidity and less than 1 year after the renovation paint and plaster was already peeling off. However, after the installation of the Drymat Unit, the situation changed dramatically. The control measurements 1 year after installation showed major improvements in the drying process of my villa and now another year later the walls are dry, and I would like to recommend anybody with a rising damp problem to install the Drymat System. I am now spending less on heating my villa, I do not need dehumidifiers anymore, there are no yearly repairs on paint and plaster, and it is so much more comfortable inside my villa with all that humidity gone.”

Mr. Vasconcellos in Lagos had the same experience; “In my newly built villa we had a serious rising damp problem in my wine cellar. We tried everything, special paint, special plaster , the walls kept on being very humid, until we installed the Drymat Unit. After only 3 months we noticed the dehumidifiers were giving less and less water and the moldy smell was completely gone. The other advantage is that no drilling, digging or injecting was necessary and the small box which gives the magnetic pulses is maintenance free and only cost €10 electricity a year.”

Mr. Verspijck, who owns Camping Redondo near Tomar, says that he was fed up with repainting and replastering his old camping facility building year after year. “Only one year after installing the Drymat Unit I was so impressed with what the unit had achieved that I ordered another unit for the villa I was living in where it has been solving the rising damp problems as well.”

Martin Verloop, the representative of Drymat Germany and the founder of Drymat Systems Portugal explains that 108 units have been installed so far in Portugal while in Germany 6,000 houses are equipped with the Drymat Unit. The system comes with a 20 -year guarantee on the unit and a money back guarantee if we do not achieve less than 3 % humidity on the ground floor after 3 years of installation and less than 6,5 % in the basement.

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